NEW! Version 2.0. The most flexible plastic feeding needle on the marked. The best oral gavage for rats.

With a soft tip and flexible tube, makes it the most gentle Plastic feeding tubes for rodent. To reduce the risk of trauma and disposable to eliminate the cost of cleaning and the chance of compound crossover. Flexible tubes are recommended as an animal welfare refinement to rigid metal tube.


The feeding tubes  for rats, are using medical grade materials to minimize the risk of interaction with test compounds. The tube is constructed of PU. The soft elastomer tip is designed to prevent inadvertent placement in the trachea and to reduce the risk of perforation. The feeding tubes are available in a variety of diameters and lengths, ranging in size from mouse pups to rats to hamsters, guinea pigs and rabbits.

We sell two sizes, for normal size mice and rats. For more info of order, please feel free to contact us on e-mail.

When it comes to Oral Gavage, you don´t find a better tube then this.

NEW! The RestNPlay platform for Type III cages is now available

The platform provides more play, better harmony and more space for the mice. Has a very positive effect on especially aggressive male mice. Write to us if you want to know more or want to order.